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Marmaris Turtle Beach Dalyan Mud Bath. Time spent near water can be serene experience and fun at the same time. Either you prefer to stay alone and spend some time there near cool splashes of water, go with your squad and have some underwater rides fun, or take your kids with you to make them aware with aquatic life. Marmaris Dalyan Turtle Beach & Koycegiz Lake is a place you should consider. This journey is worth doing and there are millions of tourists visit the lake every year. Facilities Available at the Turtle Beach Lake. You can have everything you want near lakes such as the sumptuous food, ferry rides, and much more.

Marmaris Turtle Beach Dalyan Boat Trip to Mud Bath

To Marmaris Turtle Beach, You can have everything you want near lakes such as the sumptuous food, cozy hotels, trips to the sea, ferry rides, and much more. For amazing food, there are hundreds of local restaurants and international 5 star hotels available across the lake. Motels and hostels are also available for cozy yet very cheap and convenient accommodation. Lake is filled with boats, water scooters, and kayaks are available inside the lake. You can have rides on the bikes ask boat owner to give you a ride of the lake shores.
Fun You Will Have at the Lake:
Well, there is everything available you can wish to have fun. You can do the fun independently or hire a local tourist service to give you a trip to the lake. Local tour service can bound you as you have to wake up too early in the morning and there is only one day in which they will let you do every activity on the lake. However, if you go there independently, you can stay and have a lake trip for three to four days. In this way, your trip will be less tiring and more fun. Things available to do at the lake are:
1. Water Rides and Water Sports:
Lake is filled with motor rides and water vehicles. You can hire an independent water scooter if you know to drive it; on the other hand, if you are afraid of the heavy waves, you can hire a driver to get you a water scooter ride. There also boats available that runs with motors. Owners of the boat take some money from you and give you a ride of the lake. if you like paddling, the manual paddle boats are also in the MarmarisDalyan&Koycegiz Lake to make your fun double. In short, there is every water vehicle available that a tourist can wish for.
2. Underwater Fun:
Marmaris Dalyan Turtle Beach Lake is filled with many rare and classy species of aquatic animals. There are unique fishes, rare turtles, and many unseen plants in the water. You can also have underwater fun. To go inside the water is totally safe because the rescue team is always there to fight against any problem. However, it is recommended that you have underwater fun only if you know how to swim and understand basic rescuing rules in the water. To go inside the sea, you will have an oxygen tanker, covers for your ears and mouth and water glasses.
3. Sunbathing and Suntanning:
Going on a shore and not taking bath is something unnatural. So, there are amazing sauna beds and chairs available that you can hire to have a comfy sunbath. On the other hand, you can also lay on the sand just on a mat, if you don’t want to pay for the chair. Serving for juices and many sorts of beverages is available during the bath. There is a special water sport in which tourists cover their faces and bodies with mud to feel nearest to Mother Nature.
4. Food and Accommodations:
When you are done with everything, you must feel hungry. So to quench your thirst and fill your belly, restaurants, hotels, and takeaways are easily accessible around the shore. From seafood to local dishes and international cuisines, everything is available here. Moreover, you can choose food that meets your pocket size. Once your belly is full, now get ready to have cozy sleep in the accommodations available around the Dalyan & Koycegiz Lake river.

Marmaris Turtle Beach Tour Program

The Excursion to Turtle beach we go with a  massive fast ferry boat, Our boat is double decker. Top on the boat is sun bathing for everyone. And downstairs is all you need for a comfortable journey, and our first stop will be on the dolphin island bay, we stop there about half an hour for swim break on the beautiful island.

The beach is a narrow spit of land, which forms a natural barrier between the fresh water delta of the Dalyan koycegiz river and the Mediterenian. Dalyan Turtle Beach,  same name is a popular area for sunbathing and swimming. It is one of the main breeding grounds for Loggerhead sea turtles (Caretta caretta) This kind of turtles have been around for more than forty five million years and hence these nesting locations are observed at close range and guarded by international preservation institutions and the Turkish authorities. Enjoy a relaxing full-day tour from Marmaris to Dalyan on Turkey’s Lycian Coast, sailing by boat across the turquoise sea to Turtle Beach island.

On the boat you get your lunch. After the lunch we’ll cruise along the picturesque reed lined Dalyan turtle beach river delta, you may recognise it from the famous Humphery Bogary film ‘African Queen’. Cruising down the delta you’ll see amazing Lycian rock tombs from the 5th Century BC which have been carved into the rock face.

Enjoy a relaxing full-day tour of Dalyan on Turkey’s Lycian Coast, sailing by boat across the turquoise sea to Turtle Beach (officially known as Iztuzu Beach).Departing from Marmaris, admire the remarkable rock cut tombs of the Kings of Kaunos along the coast. Founded around the 9th-century BC on the border of the Kingdom of Lycia, Kaunos became an important Carian city around 400 BC and its culture reflected aspects of both kingdoms. The tombs were designated for the kings and other powerful people of the city, and filled with food, money, jewellery and other valuable items.Marvel at the Dalyan Canal as it weaves its way from Köyceğiz Lake to the beach, a peninsula jutting out from the mainland

Having a ‘Mud Bath’ on the banks of Dalyan Turtle beach River is among the most favored activities intended for visitors. Once you arrive, you can immerse yourself in a therapeutic mud bath and the cleansing thermal waters, reputed to cure ailments such as rheumatism and skin complaints

After end of your Marmaris Turtle Beach Excursion we will drop you back to your hotel.

Marmaris Turtle Beach Tour Details

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Pick Up: 08:30 a.m

Return Back: 07:00 p.m

Language: English, Russian, German

Notes: Wheelchair Friendly

Pick up – Drop back

Lunch – B.B.Q

İnsurance – Guide

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Location: İcmeler, Marmaris, Turunc

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