Marmaris İcmeler Must See – What to do?

Best Places in Marmaris

Marmaris İcmeler must see, what to do? Marmaris is a great travel destination with a lot to offers for the tourists. From the beautiful beaches to the small and pretty towns, this vibrant place will leave you awestruck. There is a variety of places that you can go to, places that include: Parks, hills, beaches, ancient cities, caves, Grand Bazaar, Find everything from stone house,sea views,  small towns, and nightclubs. But there are several kinds of things you must see like restaurants, cafes, and other food-stops where you can taste all kinds of traditional delicacies as well as the global cuisines.  Here is a list of some of the best places that you definitely should not miss out on your excursion to Marmaris. Enjoy the holiday of your dreams in Marmaris with our excursions 

What to do in Marmaris Must see

The Beautiful Beaches in Marmaris İcmeler:

The crowd-favourite beautiful beaches are a spectacle that need to be witnessed if you are on a trip to Marmaris. İcmeler beach is one of the most beautiful beaches around. Then there is the unspoilt and almost virgin shores of the Cleopatra beach.When you are in İcmeler beaches are
everywhere for you to relax from your busy holiday. Because you can make a complete vacation out of
the beaches themselves. This sandy beach with its crystal-clear water is perfect for families and not a place any tourist would want to miss out on. Two other beaches that you should visit are the Marmaris Urban Beach, and Marmaris Long Beach (Uzunyali). The view from these beaches, Icmeler beach in particular, is breath-taking and you can also find cages, restaurants, and bars next to the beaches.

What to do in Marmaris Must see

2. Waterparks in Marmaris:

Waterparks in Marmaris you are looking for exciting rides and a fun-filled day out, head to the waterparks which are great for both adults and kids. The two most popular and biggest water parks in Marmaris are: Aqua Dream Water Park and Atlantis Water Park, the former being the biggest in Marmaris. You can experience a variety of water slides, games like bowling, pools of all kinds, restaurants, golf, etc, in both of these waterparks. Similar attractions can be found in the various Aqua and Water Parks that are present in Marmaris.

What to do in Marmaris Must see

3. Dancing Fountains of Marmaris:

Located in the central area of Marmaris, the dancing water fountains attract several viewers daily. During the day, the regular fountain can be witnessed but the best part begins after the dusk. During the night time, the water dances on the beats of the music. The fountain is synchronized with awesome lights and music for nearly half an hour, every night! It is a wonderful viewing that should not be missed.

What to do in Marmaris Must see

5. Marmaris Pirate Boat Trips

It is highly recommended to all holidaymakers to experience Marmaris Pirate boat trips. The Marmaris shore pirate boat excursions can be customized based on your needs and you can enjoy the beautiful views of the scenic mountains, caves, beaches and of course, the marine life down below. You can witness the marine life very closely from the boats or just sit back, relax, and absorb in the wonderful sights all around you. Boat trips offer one of the best way to explore the bays, caves, and other sight-seeing activities. And be sure to go on boat trips on your trip to Marmaris. And you can go swimming in the sparkling
blue waters of the Mediterranean and Aegean sea and soak in the views of the nature.

What to do in Marmaris Must see

6. Grand Bazaar of Marmaris & İcmeler:

For your shopping requirements, the enclosed Grand Bazaar of Marmaris offers a good opportunity. So this place needs to be visited at least once. The prices are very reasonable and you can find a great variety of items, from clothes to handbags to spices and Turkish foods. So if you want to experience the traditional Turkish flavour, you should check out this Grand Bazar of Marmaris.

What to do in Marmaris Must see

7. Marmaris Bar Street

 İf you are just a night-person, the nightlife in Marmaris is worth experiencing. The nightclubs, discos, pubs, and bars of Marmaris attract several visitors from all around the world, particularly during Summers. Some of the most famous clubs, bars and discos include: Club Areena, Crazy Daisy Club, Backstreet Disco, Greenhouse Club, and Rock Bar, among several others. From open-air clubs to rock bars, and everything in between, you name it, the bar street in Marmaris has it.  Because Marmaris offers an exotic nightlife experience, be sure not to sleep on it!

Besides the listed places and attractions, there are other places that you should discover in Marmaris as well. The mountains, the wildlife, the many beaches, and the small villages around Marmaris, the experience will be one of its kind!