Top Nightlife Clubs in Marmaris

The Top Best Nightlife Clubs in Marmaris and İcmeler?

 Top Nightlife in Marmaris and İcmeler is spectacular. There are several bars, nightclubs, restaurants, and discos for the tourists in the town of Marmaris.Dance parties, famous DJ’s, discos, bars, pubs, you name it, this place has it all. There is an aura of excitement and fun that does not wear out throughout the night. The adventure never ends if you’re looking for fun on your holidays!

As the sun goes down on Marmaris, the nightlife kicks into motion. You can stop by one of the several cafes, restaurants, bars, or pubs; have a drink or two, and absorb the traditional and exotic Turkish life. Have some kebabs made in olive oil and follow them up with desserts like kunefe and baklava as you relish traditional Turkish drinks like Salgam, or Raki are several restaurants and cafes around where you can relish such treats.

Where to go İn Marmaris & İcmeler?

Where to go in Marmaris? for tourists on holidays, the real excitement begins as the night goes deeper. Present near the Marmaris marina is the Marmaris Bar Street. That is where the party kicks up a notch, or several notches. Till dawn, the partygoers keep at it and the night never gets old.
Another enthralling place where there is a lot of buzz is the Uzunyali Region (Long Beach). It is located opposite to the – and not too far from the – Marmaris Bar Street. This place hosts a variety of restaurants, karaoke, bars, and discos for the tourists.


Which is the most Popular Place in Marmaris?

Which is the most Popular Place in Marmaris? Here are some of the best, most popular nightlifes places in Marmaris, and exciting night clubs, discos, bars and pubs.

Club Areena:

Club Areena is probably the best night club in Marmaris. The atmosphere is electric and intense. There are foam parties, music that plays throughout the night and even laser shows! It is the place to be. The biggest open-air night club of Marmaris is open till 4:00 in the morning.


Crazy Daisy Bar & Nightclub:

The atmosphere is amazing at this Crazy Daisy Bar night club! Very lively and massive, this open-air club is definitely one of the places tourists must go to. Great drinks and amazing music make your night that much more enjoyable. It has been voted number one disco in Marmaris multiple times.

Bar-X Cocktail & Dance Bar:

Bar X also located in the Marmaris Bar Street, this awesome club stays open till 5 AM! This place is always buzzing and you can find all kinds of drinks there. The music there is also amazing. This is not the place you would want to miss out on your holidays in Marmaris.

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