What are the best things to do in Marmaris Turkey

The best things to do in Marmaris Turkey

Marmaris is a tourist resort par excellence, one of the most popular in Turkey. The coastal city lies in a bay surrounded by greenery on the South Aegean Coast (Lycian) Coast and has been a favorite beach destination for years, especially with young people. Nothing is left of the once so peaceful fishing village; mass tourism is the order of the day. In the summer months, the population of Marmaris rises from the ‘own’ 30,000 to more than 300,000 and the resort is almost literally bursting at the seams. Especially on “bar street” near the harbor, it is a cacophony of music and neon lights in the evening, where young people party until late at night in the many bars and outdoor discos.

The culture of  Marmaris Turkey

In Turkey the manners differ per region. In cities such as Ankara, Istanbul and Izmir and on the coasts of the Aegean and Mediterranean Sea, people are fairly used to Western manners. But that is not the case in traditional Eastern Turkey. So take your habits and customs into account during your trip through Eastern Turkey.

Clothing in Turkey
When choosing your clothes, it is advisable to take into account that Eastern Turkey is a traditional and mostly conservative area. Especially for women it is appreciated that you are sufficiently covered – legs and upper arms, no close-fitting outfits – dressed. Furthermore, it is unusual for men and women to show affection for each other in public.

What is the Hospitality of  Marmaris Turkey

In Turkey the manners differ per region. In cities such as Ankara, Istanbul and Izmir and on the coasts of the Aegean and Mediterranean Sea, people are fairly used to Western manners. But that is not the case in traditional Eastern Turkey. So take your habits and customs into account during your trip through Eastern Turkey.

Clothing in Marmaris

When choosing your clothes, it is advisable to take into account that Eastern Turkey is a traditional and mostly conservative area. Especially for women it is appreciated that you are sufficiently covered – legs and upper arms, no close-fitting outfits – dressed. Furthermore, it is unusual for men and women to show affection for each other in public.

The Hospitality of Marmaris Turkey? Turks are known for their hospitality. They offer guests (and therefore business relations) tea (çay). It is a way to make contact and build a (personal) relationship with you. It offers you the opportunity to build a network. Take advantage of this, because personal relationships, references and networks play a major role in the Turkish ‘us-know-us’ culture.
The Turkish business culture is hierarchical and formal. Certainly when you do business with family businesses. The director / owner often only makes decisions. It is advisable to talk to an equal delegation.

What does actually have with Turkey Marmaris?

Is it safe going to holiday in Marmaris?

Marmaris is the site of the ancient city of Halikarnassus, which is one of the reasons why it appears on so many traveler cards. There are so many popular excursions these days as Marmaris has changed and grown. The center is full of restaurants and shops, as well as traditional Turkish herbs and specialties.

In general, we can say that the majority of tourists visit this city without any worries about their safety, but you will need to remain conscious of your surroundings all the time and do not accept any kind of offerings by strangers.

 Is Marmaris Worth Visiting?

Marmaris has been a tourist attraction for several decades. And that is certainly not for nothing. The city is situated in a beautiful area and partly has a cozy car-free center. The city is bubbling and bustling and yet you will find here the wonderful holiday that we often get to.

What are the beaches like in Marmaris?

The public beach of Marmaris is a city beach located at the center of Marmaris. Tourists walk in the sea whenever they want. The beach is a free beach. Several parties and events are held by the Marmaris municipality during the high season in Marmaris. Uzunyali Beach, also known as Long Beach, is right next to the public beach of Marmaris. The sandy beach stretches 10 kilometers along the coast to Icmeler.

Is Marmaris or Bodrum better?

The Turkish Riviera extends along the southern and western coasts of Turkey. The area borders the Mediterranean Sea on the south coast and the Aegean Sea on the west coast. The Turkish Riviera is the holiday region of Turkey and one of the most sought after destinations for cheap all inclusive holidays in Europe. Germans, Englishmen and Russians in particular visit Turkey, but all European countries are represented.

The Turkish Riviera Marmaris offers green pine forests and coniferous forests and stately mountains with snowy peaks and deep gorges. But hilly landscapes with white towns and red roofs are also part of the Turkish Riviera. All landscapes end in the turquoise blue sea where smaller and larger bays, white sandy beaches alternate with clear pebble waters.

Province Marmaris

Marmaris is a port city and tourist resort on the Mediterranean coast, located in Muğla Province, southwest Turkey, along the shoreline of the Turkish Riviera.

The main source of income for Marmaris is tourism. It lies between two crossing mountain ranges by the sea, although after a construction boom in the 1980s, little is left of the sleepy fishing village that was Marmaris until the end of the 20th century. In 2010, the city’s population was 30,957 and peaked at around 400,000 to 500,000 people during the tourist season.
It is also a sailing and diving center with two large and several smaller marinas. It is a popular wintering spot for hundreds of cruise ships, which are also served by the nearby Dalaman Airport.

Is Marmaris safe to visit?

Marmaris is very safe to visit, with a low crime rate and a safe index of 74.5%. Still, you should take standard precaution measures as you would in any other city. Turkey in general is mostly safe when it comes to crime and its biggest risks stem from their political situation and terrorism risks.

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How far is Marmaris from the Dalaman Airport?

What is the distance between Dalaman Airport to Marmaris? How far is Dalaman Airport from Marmaris?
Number of kilometers and miles. The car distance (car, bus) is 95.3 km (59.2 mi) and Straight line distance (air distance) is 49.8 km (30.9 mi)

– Travel time –
How long does it take to get from Dalaman Airport to Marmaris by car? Duration: 1 Hour 15 Minutes

Dalaman Airport (DLM) is situated about 6 km from Dalaman town centre and 96 km from Marmaris city centre and it takes about 1,5 hours to get to Marmaris city centre.

How far is Pamukkale from Marmaris?

The distance between Marmaris and Pamukkale is 202 km by road. You can also get the distance from Marmaris to Pamukkale using other travel options such as bus or car (taxi)

Entry: You pay 30 Turkish Lira (2020) to enter the Pamukkale limestone terraces and the ruins of Hierapolis.

You have to pay 2 pound or Euro for the Hierapolis Museum.

Swimming in the Cleopatra Pool costs 50 Turkish Lira for two hours.

Usually, the price for day trips includes the ticket for Pamukkale-Hierapolis. You should check this before you leave.

How far is Istanbul from Marmaris?

The shortest distance (air line) between Marmaris to Istanbul is 680.45 km. Journey distance: 750.89 km (8h 43min)
The shortest route between Marmaris and Istanbul is 665.89 km according to the route planner. The driving time is approx.8h 43min. To calculate the distance between Marmaris and Istanbul, the place names are converted into coordinates (latitude and longitude). The respective geographic center is used for cities, regions and countries. The best way to get to istanbul is on airplane.

What can you not do in Marmaris Turkey?

Turkey is a country that has everything, from beautiful beaches to ancient ruins, idyllic villages to modern skyscrapers and much more. However, note these tips before you book your trip, which you should probably avoid.

Enter a mosque dressed scantily

Turkey’s historical mosques, are not only a tourist attraction, but also a place where the pious come to pray. Therefore, it is always a good idea to show respect by not dressing as if you were going to a club. Make sure you have a cardigan that covers your arms and shoulders, and don’t wear short shorts or a mini skirt that day. You feel much more comfortable mixing modest clothing than you are the ignorant tourist.

Coming to Turkey to shop in stores you are likely to find in your hometown is a pretty wasteful thing considering all the cities have amazing bazaars. From the Grand Bazaar in Marmaris to uzunyalı, you will find beautiful handmade and traditional handicrafts, clothing and accessories that are much more unique than all the well-known brands in shopping centers.

Best Activities in Marmaris & Icmeler?

What are the best things to do in Marmaris Turkey. The first excursion is a day trip to Pamukkale. You will visit this white wonder of nature in ancient Hierapolis, which is about a four-hour drive from Marmaris. On the way there is a stop at an Onyx Workshop and the bus stops just before Pamukkale so you can have lunch. Once in Pamukkale you can enjoy these thermal baths and visit the impressive stalactites, waterfalls and basins. During this visit you can also go directly to the ruins of this ancient Roman city that was formerly known as a spa. Today you can still see parts of one of the best preserved necropolis of the Anatolia area, the temple of Apollo and the basilica.

The second excursion is a full day boat trip along the coast of Marmaris. The tour starts at nine in the morning and leaves for the five bays of the area. Stops are made regularly for swimming and snorkelling, or you can stay on board and soak up the sun. Lunch will be served on board the boat, after which the tour continues towards Paradise Island, the Phosporus Caves and Turunc Beach.

The third excursion is a trip to the Turtle beach, where you will go by sailboat. This small beach is very special because it is the only place where the loggerhead turtle buries its eggs in June. Along the way, the boat stops at Aquarium Bay for a swim and at one of the many caves before continuing to Turtle Beach, which is a two-kilometer long sandy beach with both sea water on one side and fresh water on the other. You will have between four and five hours of free time to swim and enjoy this location before the boat returns to Marmaris to be back in the harbor around 7:30 PM.

The fourth excursion is a visit to the Greek city of Rhodes. Bring your swimming clothes and your passport and enjoy a day in this city. At nine o’clock the catamaran departs from Marmaris and after about 45 minutes you disembark in Rhodes, where you have six hours of free time to explore the city. Taste the Greek dish Moussaka, get lost in the maze of streets in the old center, step into the many shops or visit the old palace. At half past five you are back in the port of Marmaris where the bus will wait for you to bring you to your hotel.

The last excursion is a day trip to the Cleopatra island, which is located about half an hour by boat from Marmaris. It is said that this island was the place where Cleopatra and her lover Mark Anthony saw each other. Cleopatra had this island made and brought the tons of white sand from Egypt to make this paradise. On the way to the island the boat stops a few times so you can swim and snorkel and you will be served lunch. Once you arrive at the island, you will have approximately three hours of free time before the boat leaves for Marmaris again, but not before another stop at Dolphin Bay for a swim. Around six o’clock the boat arrives back at the port of Marmaris where the bus is waiting to take everyone back to the hotels.

Marmaris is a real seaside resort, where a lot of time is spent on the beach or in the nightlife. For those who still want to sniff some culture there is a number of (modest) sights. The Netsel Marina is definitely worth a visit. It is the largest and most luxurious marina in Turkey and you will therefore be amazed. All kinds of cruise ships and other boats are moored here; large luxury yachts steal the show. In addition, it suffocates in the harbor of tourist shops, bars, restaurants and small tour agencies where you can book excursions. Nice to stroll around for an afternoon. Just don’t be shocked by the prices. A simple drink is much more expensive here compared to a bar in the center.

Where is the best beaches in Marmaris İcmeler?

Marmaris has two (not very spectacular) beaches that are directly accessible from the center. The public city beach is the place where you can relax and relax in the sun. The Uzunyalı beach (also known as “Long Beach”) is located next to it and extends about 10 kilometers to Içmeler. There are many hotels and resorts on this long beach. You can rent jet skis, parasail or on the typical banana boat.

Marmaris, however, has many more beaches in the immediate vicinity. A few gems can be found especially at the small islands off the coast: for example at the island of Cennet (literally: “Paradise”) and the golden sandy beach on Sedir island. Many organized boat trips and excursions visit these islands and beaches.

Where is the Castle in Marmaris?

The castle of Marmaris dates from 1522 is  located center of Marmaris and is still in excellent condition, partly because it was completely restored in the 80s and 90s. After the renovation, the castle was partly used as a museum that is open to the public daily. From the castle you have a beautiful panoramic view of the harbor and the various small islands that lie off the coast.

Best travel time to Marmaris?

The South Aegean Coast, which includes Marmaris, has a Mediterranean climate. The hot months of July and August are great if you like sun, beach and do nothing. April, May and June are more pleasant in terms of temperature: then you also have a little more energy to undertake some activities. September and October are also often pleasant months in terms of temperature.


Where is best to book a trips & activities in Marmaris?

Here are the answer on your question Where is best to book a trips & activities in Marmaris:
Our travel agency one of the best travel agent in Marmaris. You have the option of booking a trip on our website for much cheaper than all other tour operators or agencies. it’s important to find the best travel package sites for booking your Marmaris Daily Trips & Excursions. Thanks to the internet, there are plenty of places to find great trip deals especially with us. Whether you want to book your next activity package, or whether you just need to find a extreme excursions, here are 32 trips that can help you get the best bang for your trips buck.

What are the most recommended excursions in Marmaris?

Here are the most recommended excursions in Marmaris for our guests.

  1. Aegean İsland Boat Trip
  2. Jeep Safari Tour
  3. Quad & Buggy Safari
  4. Pirate Boat Trip
  5. Horse Safari
  6. Turkish Bath (Hamam)
  7. Turtle Beach Mud Bath
  8. Aqua dream Waterpark

What are the best family & friendly excursions in Marmaris?

The best family friendly excursions in Marmaris for our customers are:

  1. Aegean İsland Boat Trip
  2. VIP Turkish Bath
  3. Fishing Trip
  4. Pirate Boat Trip
  5. Horse Safari
  6. Meet With The Dolphins
  7. Atlantis Waterpark
  8. Quad & Buggy Safari

What activities can you do for 7 days in Marmaris?

Here are the list of the activities you can do in Marmaris in 7 days:

  1. VIP Turkish Bath
  2. Lazy day Boat Trip
  3. Waterpark
  4. Visit Castle
  5. Visit Grand Bazaar
  6. Bar Street
  7. National Park
  8. Quad & Buggy Safari
  9. Visit Icmeler Town
  10. Visit Museum
  11. Jeep Safari Tour

How long do you need in Marmaris?

Here are the answer on your question of how long do you need in Marmaris:
Three days in Marmaris might not be enough to see the town. When it comes time to plan your trip to Marmaris I recommend spending as much time there as you can. You need at least seven days to really see the Marmaris town, You can easily fill a week with outdoor activities such as boat trip and City tours.

What is special in Marmaris?

Here are the answer on your question of what is special in Marmaris:
Some people come here to enjoy the sun and sea to relax others come specifically to shop and nightlife; and many come simply to enjoythe attractions in Marmaris such as i have listed here below: Jeep Safari Tour, Turtle Beach Trip, Pamukkale Tour, National Park, historic neighborhoods, and numerous famous clubs and bars etc.

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